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BluePro is a Sydney-based Australian owned company specialising in fresh air solutions. Our endless effort is to create a healthier indoor environment to lift up Australian living quality by providing a range of air purifying products. To achieve the goal, our energetic engineering and design teams are working closely and collaboratively across Asia and US.

At BluePro, we investigate the local market and listen to our customers, fully understand what they want, design our products to suit their needs, and deliver superb customer satisfactory experience. We care about our customers and take their feedback seriously, revise our products to be better. The cycle of we listen, we design, we deliver continues throughout the lifetime of our products.

Our agile engineering and design teams have strong culture of adopting market needs and integrated to products. Their designs have been recognised by US market in the last 10 years.

Our dedicated factory has more than 15 years experience of serving Asia and US market. They have expertise in manufacture engineering, package design and safety certifications.

We team up together to build a healthy home to all happy Australian families.