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  • Virus/Germ Shield

    HEPA filter trapped common viruses and germs, adding a safeguard for your family to combat viruses in the flu season.

  • Five-Stage Air Purification

    Premium quality Nylon Preliminary Filter + Ture H13 HEPA Filter + Activated Carbon Filter + Negative Ion + UVC light & Photocatalyst.  Filter out 99.97% of 0.3-micron particles, such as pollen, mold spores, PM2.5, bacteria.

  • Anti-Allergen

    Our advanced purifying technology helps eliminating allergen, such as asthma, hay fever, nasal congestion and more.

  • Odour Free

    Our premium quality purifying system efficiently remove any unpleasant odours such as wet pet smell, cooking smell, cigarette smoke, bushfire smoke.

Air Purifiers

Our air purifiers are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. 

Compact - Smart - Powerful!

Replacement Filters

Our cylindrical filter draws in air from 360-degree direction, captures harmful airborne contaminants around the room, purifies the air rapidly. 

  • Quiet Operation Save Energy

    Less Energy Consumption: Average 0.12kWh per day                          Quiet Operation: Very low dB sound level equivalent to light rain

  • Easy- to -Use Touch Panel

    An easy to use touch panel with a cool back-light allows for simple configuration of fan speed, timer, sleep/nightlight mode. 

  • Sleek but Powerful

    Easy to fit in any standard size room or office spaces. Larger cylindrical surface area compares to circle shape filter. Thicker folded HEPA filter sheet increased dust holding capacity.           

Shop for Best HEPA Air Purifiers - Australia

Bluepro is a proudly Australian company that has developed the ultimate in high-efficiency particulate air filters. Commonly known as HEPA air purifiers, these small discrete units efficiently capture dust, pollen and mould, creating clean, allergen-free air in your home.

At Bluepro, we’re confident in saying that we offer the best HEPA air purifier in Australia. We listen, design and deliver our products to cater to the needs of Australian families, with quality products that are uniquely suited to our climate.

Keeping your home allergen-free

Clean air — the ultimate goal for allergy sufferers and people who want to protect the lungs of themselves and their loved ones. We understand the needs of people seeking to purchase a HEPA air purifier in Australia. Our hot summers bring dust and pollen into our homes — so even though they may appear perfectly clean, those tiny particles are still there, irritating sensitive sinuses and lungs. Winters can also be very wet and humid, creating the perfect habitat for mould.

A HEPA air purifier will eliminate almost 100% of these irritants and other airborne particles, ensuring complete air safety for you and your family. Not only do these units keep your home allergen-free, they effectively remove unpleasant odours — keeping the air in your home pleasant as well as safe.

Why Bluepro?

Our engineering and design teams have many years of experience in adapting to market needs. Our focus is to help you create a healthy home while also ensuring that you have a quiet, easy-to-operate unit that is robust and easy to clean. We believe we have achieved this with our HEPA air purifier Australia collection.

If you’d like to learn more about our HEPA air purifier products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you can see the featured product that meets your needs, you can also purchase it online from us today for fast home delivery.