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HEPA Filter replacement

Air purifiers are an ideal way to keep your home's atmosphere clean and fresh. That means fewer allergens and dust particles in the air, and in turn, easier breathing for you. But although our BluePro’s portable air purifiers can last years, the HEPA filters inside need to be changed periodically to ensure the air you are breathing is of the highest quality.

Why you should invest in a HEPA filter replacement

Replacing your HEPA filter regularly is essential for both the quality of the air you breathe and for maintaining the working condition of your air purifier. When you keep the same filter for too long, it becomes clogged, reducing the air quality and potentially allowing contaminants to remain in the air. Additionally, it places a strain on the purifier itself to work harder, potentially reducing its working lifespan in the process.

How and when to install your HEPA filter replacement

Replacing the air filter in your air purifier is easy to do. Simply remove the bottom cover by rotating it clockwise. Next, take out the old HEPA filter and insert the new one in its place. Now replace the cover, rotating it back into the closed position. Dispose of the old one responsibly. 

A HEPA filter replacement should be installed every 680 to 1,000 hours. Simply refer to the number in the model name of your filter — it's the same as the number of hours of suggested usage.

HEPA filters Australian collection

Get your HEPA filter from Australia’s leading air purifier company today. At BluePro, we provide the following three HEPA filter replacements to work with our range of air purifiers:

  • DKHF-1000
  • DKMF-1000
  • DKLF-680

Before ordering your HEPA filter replacements, we encourage you to check your air purifier to ensure you get a compatible filter size. If you need additional help, contact our friendly team at BluePro with any questions.

Buy your HEPA filter replacement today in Australia

Get in touch with the team at BluePro today to find out more about our range of air purifiers and accessories — discover how they can make you breathe a bit easier. 

We deliver nationwide from our Sydney warehouse, so you can keep your air purifier going for longer and your home allergen-free with our HEPA filters Australian collection.